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Service and delivery

As a result of a very modern and highly efficient production plant, Fast Plast A/S is able to offer:

      Delivery within typically 5-10 working days from receipt of order

These unique lead times can only be achieved through a close and efficient cooperation internally, as well as with our external partners by e.g. using only well-esteemed transporters.


Fast Plast A/S offers branding solutions, where the products are supplied in packaging made especially for the customer. The development of different types of packaging has today become one of the core competences of the company.

Fast Plast A/S exports app. 90 % of its production to customers all over Europe. Short delivery times, high quality products and the reliable delivery service has made Fast Plast A/S to an attractive, well-known supplier of injected plastic disposables.
Fast Plast A/S
Vilhelmsborgvej 2
7700 Thisted
Employee contact

Tlf.: [+45] 96 17 21 00
Fax: [+45] 97 91 08 80
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